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The thought of having a shoe bite can itself be very painful!What’s even more painful when you can’t wear your favorite pair of heels out of fear of those monstrous bites!

When Team NESS is here, there is no reason to fear! 

Here are a few cost effective tips and tricks on “How to avoid those nasty shoe-bites”


1-Never wear a new pair of shoes directly on the first day of an important occasion, always wear the shoe a day prior to it, to help the shoe loosen up and even make your feet comfortable in the newbies.

2- In extreme cases of the shoe being tight, wear thick woollen socks along with the shoes for better results.


3. Lastly, don't buy shoes that don't fit you well but look appealing, this will gift you nothing but discomfort.


1-Coconut oil/ Petroleum jelly: Easily found in every household, Coconut oil and petroleum jelly have endless uses! One of them is they reduce friction between your feet and shoes, and give you a shoe bite free experience.

How to use it: Apply a small amount of coconut oil/petroleum jelly on troublesome areas. Wear your shoes after a few minutes of application.

 2- Freeze your shoes: Yes we aren’t joking here! The shoes expand because of the pressure of the water, thus giving more room for your feet.

 How to use it: Take a zip lock bag, fill it with water and insert it in your shoes. As the water freezes the shoes will expand to give shelter to it.


 3- Band aids/ Masking tape - One of the most common technique is to apply band aids or masking tapes to areas that may get affected.

How to use it:  Stick a band aid or masking tape to troublesome areas. 

 Tip: Stick the band aid/masking tape even on the insides of your shoe for more effective results. 


You're now all set to slay your day with your favourite pair of shoes without any fear! 

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Written by,

Althea Carvalho.


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