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The Vans Challenge is the new sensation that’s taking the internet by storm. But if you’re one among those people who are living under a rock and have no clue what the vans challenge is, allow me to explain.

The Vans Challenge is simply creating a video of throwing your vans absurdly in the air and see if they land face side up.
“Oh! That’s the reason my twitter is flooded with people throwing their shoes into the air.” Is what you’ve realised now.

So the next most obvious question to pop up in your mind is-
Why do vans always face upright?
Well firstly, I required no PhD to answer this and neither will you, to understand the logic behind this.
While, we may be wearing vans all year round for the sake of trends and fashion; we got to keep in mind that they are specially designed skate shoes. And are made in a way, to help skaters gain their balance as soon as they land on the ground.

This is possible because Vans are designed using heavy amount of rubber when they produce their soles. The weight imbalance between the size of the actual sneaker and the size of their sole is why it always lands face up.

In simple science, the heavy sole is the reason why the shoe lands bottom down and face up most times.

Don’t believe us? Go flip your vans to get the answer for yourself!


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Written by,
Althea Carvalho.

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