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It’s time to bid farewell to our good ol’ winter booties, and say hello to summer & spring sandals. With rapid change in the weather it’s now time to bring rapid changes to our closet too. So pack up all the winter clothes and remove them cotton summer wears.

Summer has walked in already with its new trends. But don’t you worry if you have no clue about what’s here to stay this season. For we got you covered, completely!

These styles are going to be the MVP of the season:

1- Animal Print:

While the snake skin and cheetah print received a lot of fame because of being seen on apparels, the prints are now taking it ahead and are going to be seen on footwear too. From snake skin strappy sandal to cheetah print mules, the animal print is here to stay.

2- Square-toed shoes

Pointed shoes may be a classic when it comes to footwear trends, but on the opposite end of the shape-scale it's what we're dubbing the 'stubbed toe' that'll dominate shoe closets this summer.

3- Ankle strap

The extra-long ties meant to be wrapped around the ankles are going to rise again from the dead this season. The only difference will be instead of closed pairs they will be seen on open toe heeled sandals.

4- Sliders

Hopping out of the house this summer is going to be a lot easier, for all you have to do is slip your feet into slides and you will be good to go, literally.

Why you still waiting? Go and revamp your shoe closet immediately.

Written by,
Althea Carvalho.

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