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Imagine men casually strutting around on streets showing off their 6 inches of heels. The sight itself is quiet bewildering, isn’t it?

But did you’ll know there was an entire era when only men wore heels. And if this doesn’t leave you astonished enough, interestingly women weren’t the first to slide their feet into heels.

It was the Persian men of the 10th century who bought the heel style into existence. The idea was to help their feet stay in their stirrups while horseback riding and giving them the stability while shooting their bows and arrows.

Speaking about heels brings to mind a symbol of fashion & femininity. However you’d be surprised to know that thoughts of the French & Persian men of the 17th century begged to differ. Men wore heels to show their masculinity, money & power. The higher the heels the more power you hold.

So really my big question is, “How did women begin to wear high heels?”

Simple enough, women being women they began “borrowing” these high heeled beauties from the male wardrobe. Of course they added a feminine touch like changing heel shapes and styles. In fact the first heel shoe worn by a woman was at her wedding to appear taller for her groom.

With ever evolving trends, men wearing heels must be bought back into fashion.  And who knows, maybe they’ll do it better than women!

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Written by,

Althea Carvalho.


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