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Take a look at your shoe closet and answer this for me
“Why do you have different heels but all in the same neutral colour?”
Stunned, aren’t you?

Well let me answer this for you,
you are unwarily stuck in a style rut. And I don’t blame you because I understand that black, white or nude heels can be paired up with everything easily, but we got to agree that they aren’t the most original choices.

So how about adding some colour and giving your style a reboot from the feet up. Here are a few colourful tricks for your feet:

1: How to style RED SHOES:  Red by itself is vibrant and eye catchy. In order to keep the attention on your shoe, pair it with simple coloured outfits like black, grey or white. Colours like navy blue and pink will also balance with your red heel perfectly. 


2: How to style BLUE SHOES: A splash of yellow or green in your outfit or paired with hues of blue and white will make you stand out and give your outfit an absolute stunning look!


3: How to style GREEN SHOES: Red and green are complimentary. Therefore you can easily pair green heels with a red outfit. However if you aren’t a fan of looking like a Christmas tree, you can play along and add shades like white, brown and orange too.

4: How to style YELLOW SHOES:  Yellow has a fun and bold vibe of its own. It looks best in monochrome. But can even be braced with any colour on the blue and green colour palette.


5: How to style PINK SHOES:  Pink has a femininity and versatility of its own. The colour suits best with pastel shades especially mint green or light blue. Colours like red and white will help in enhancing your style too.


Now that you’re all set with to add some pop to your style, how about refreshing your shoe closet? You can simply do so by clicking on and add to your designs.

Written by,
Althea Carvalho.


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  • noreen coelho on

    excellent read n yes pairing colours even contrasting can do wonders…go for it.

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