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Be it high, mid or low, heels are the key to nailing every look. Be it classic stilettos or laid back blocks these heels must be a staple in your closet to slay every look.

Here are 5 varied heel heights every woman must own.

1- Classic Stilettos: Stilettos are something that’ll never go out of trend be it in casual open toes or classy pumps, Stilettos can always be worn.


2- Block Heels: Can’t choose between your heel options? Block heels can be your go-to shoe. These are the middle ground solution to every heel dilemma.


3- Wedges: Wedges are the genies who bring happiness to your feet. These pain-free heels are capable of amping up any attire.


4- Kitten Heels: The versatility of kitten heels is perfect for a day at work or a party night. The little height it adds works as a remarkable confidence booster.


5- Platform Heels: Why compromise between comfort and style? When you can have both. Platform heels are both comfortable and stylish. These heels are the perfect balance between sexiness and sophistication.


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Written by,

Althea Carvalho.

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