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Do you feel your heels aren’t complimenting your outfit? Are you questioning your heel style while giving your outfit that last glance?

If your answer was a YES! Go ahead and continue reading to know more about which heels will compliment your outfit rather than compete with it.

Here’s a guide on what heels to wear with every kind of outfit-

1- The formal affair: Kitten heels are usually the best choice for any formal event. Be it an important meeting or just a regular day at the office these laid back heels tick mark all the check boxes for a formal outfit. However, if the occasion is fancier you could even opt for a pair of stiletto pumps.


2- Dress down day: Got a relaxing mall kind of day ahead of you? Style your casual outfit with a pair of wedges. Wedge heels look best with jeans, wide flare pants, shorts, or even maxi skirts and dress.


3- Fun phase: Block heels are everyone’s favourite. While these heels can go with everything, they look much better with a daytime outfit like summer dresses as compared to Friday night style. Besides, these heels are subtle and comfortable which makes it easier to go on with your day.


4- Party vibe: Super-high stilettos are great for dance floors and date nights. These heels are the epitome of fashion but need to be paired wisely. They complement mini dresses and any evening wear. You could even wear them with skinny jeans to take your look from dawn to dusk.


Now that you are all prepped with the heel guide, go and style your look. For if you thought investing time in learning about heels was a waste, trust me it’s not because your future self can’t thank you enough.

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Written by,
Althea Carvalho. 

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