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Shoes are the stereotypical feminine obsession. Chick flicks are full of characters that have an abundance of heels or are lusting over expensive pumps. While these portrayals are quiet an exaggeration it is a real social expectation to see women wear pretty shoes.

While women are doing their best to keep up with this social expectation we’ve noticed that the footwear sphere is lacking behind in their toiling. They are inclined to catering only to conventional customers and forget about the women with special needs.

At NESS we have heard the calls of our differently abled ladies and are here to assist all of their needs. For we believe there shouldn’t be any compromises made between comfort and style. And  We pay heed to all custom requirements and tailor the shoes accordingly. Be it 
two different sizes for the same pair i.e. for woman with different feet length 
 OR two varied heel height requirement i.e. for women with different leg length 
OR bone jutting out the first toe i.e. a bunion,

we offer customised solution for orthotics (problem related to feet). 

And to meet your requirements all you have to do is fill out our custom order form, we will then get in contact with you and personally discuss all your needs.

While all of this may sound like an extra ordinary affair and you are probably already running away with thought of the damage it will cost your pockets we assure you we aren’t here to wreck it for you. We promise absolute affordability, comfort and style.

Besides don’t you think purchasing and wearing a pair of stylish, versatile and comfortable shoes would be a much better go-to option instead of having five other pairs that you despise?

You can check out our custom order shoe here.



Check out our collection at www.ness.co.in 

Written by,
Althea Carvalho.

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