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Feet Fetish, Feet Fetish, Feet Fetish, Yes, this is real. Admiration towards your partner’s feet isn’t a myth. And I think at a subconscious level women are very aware of this, I mean the weekly pedicures can’t be justified any other way, can they?

One would like to believe that only men would have this weird fetish. Well women are pretty much a part of the madness. We also know some men secretly groom their feet, well those are the smart ones who picked up on the hint.

While women are attracted to feet, the male population is of higher dominance in the field.  Almost 50% of the male population is attracted to feet. I say, that’s a number to take seriously.


 So let’s try to understand this right, fetish for feet is defined as a sexual interest in feet but not every foot fetish is turned on solely by the sight of bare feet. A person with foot fetish may also be interested in the shape of the foot, toenails, and feet arches. 

The interesting thing is that the fetish isn’t constricted to only feet it could even extend to socks, stockings, shoes and foot jewellery can also be a turn on for many.

For did you’ll know stinky feet or socks could also be your partners biggest pleasurable delight. Don’t be grossed out already this isn’t necessarily true for everybody. The attraction could also be towards pedicured and smooth soft soles.

Well the expression head over heels in love is suddenly gaining new perspective for me! While all you women are gearing up for your Valentines, do book that mani and pedi at the nearest salon cause we can safely say the way to a man’s heart is through your feet.


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