Conquer Like A Woman

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Conquer Like A Woman

“Give a woman the right pair of shoes and she can conquer the world!”
                                                                                   -Marilyn Monroe.

Don’t you have that one go-to conquer shoes that you have your entire faith in? It could be a pair of sky high heels, timeless pumps or maybe statement flats. 

 And whether you like to admit it or not this pair of shoes has seen it all. Maybe it was the first interview you gave and cracked it like a total Boss lady? Or maybe even it was your first date with your special someone? This pair has been there through it all.

And while you’re actually giving this a thought, your go-to conquer shoe has popped in your mind, hasn’t it?
Grab this shoe and notice how worn out it has begun to look.

The reason behind this is you are busy prioritising your different roles of being a friend, a sister, a wife, a mother, an entrepreneur, a boss lady even before looking after yourself and your appearance. The constant hustle of playing different roles is not letting you enjoy your real identity. While we know the role playing is something you don’t do out of compulsion but with your own will, don’t you think taking a day out once a while for self-care is very important too!

Thus, this International Women’s Day take a pledge to conquer your own identity and celebrate yourself first!
Why are you still waiting? Go and make that parlour appointment you’ve wanted to since so long! Go ahead and take that trip with your ladies. For caring about yourself doesn’t mean being selfish.

Oh and about your worn out conquer shoe, don’t you think it’s time you replace it with a new pair and what’s better than a gift to oneself?
Go ahead and gift yourself a new pair from and enjoy special Women’s day discounts too.

Also stand a chance to win a free shoe from NESS by simply commenting below  your #ConquerLikeAWoman shoe from your closet and why it has a special place in your heart.

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