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The glamour world has had some major fun on the roller coaster ride with trends in the past decade. And now with the #10yearchallenge making a wave on the internet & we thought why not highlight the outstanding developments of the decade.

Can’t commit to one shoe all day long??

Now you needn’t worry about carrying a bulky bag for your shoes to change your day to night look. Changeable heels will keep up with your commitment complications. And guess what? They’re easy to use! Just clip them to the back of your sole. It gets even better; these heels are available in 5 different heel styles! There you are, now ready to start the day with flats and end it partying in stilettos.

Want to show off that pedicure??

Another trend that has caught eyes is the glass/transparent boots. Seems like the creators took the concept of Cinderella’s glass shoe too seriously, or they are really concerned about women showing off their freshly done pedicured feet. Either way, a big hurray for the feet fetish world!

Tip – toeing on glass??

Block heels have always been the go to comfort heels. Some may say they look bulky, and to them I say “welcome” the glass block heel. Comfort and transparency will now be your key.

The shoe sphere is pretty much a part of the trend bandwagon, you name it and they’ve done it. For we never know what will we be seeing in the next 10 years?

Written by,

Althea Carvalho.


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